Sarah Ponleva “Eva” Berrien Eve

Eve [Jones], Sarah Ponleva (Eva) Berrien (1841-90) – Duke, Music B. 193


Sarah Ponleva “Eva” Berrien Eve (1841-90), the daughter of an affluent planter living near Augusta, attended a school for young women, played and sang music from popular operas as well as simple ballads, and had her music collection bound into at least one volume.

Eva traveled to Bethlehem, PA and Washington, DC for her studies

Her mother served as Vice Regent of the Mount Vernon Ladies Association, and her mother was Sarah Lowndes Berrien Casey. Composer A. Iverson of Columbus dedicated “When the Birds to the South” (printed in GLB, 16 October, 1838, p. 188) to Eve’s aunt, Martha Deloney Berrien.

Eva served as a bridesmaid at Ruth’s wedding in 1858, and in October 1863 married Ruth’s widowed husband (Charles Colcock Jones). On Eva, see Rozier, ed., The Granite Farm, 114.










Somebody’s Coming But I’ll Not Tell Who

John C. Andrews




The Fair Enchantress: Barcarolle

J. Gaspard Maeder




Rock’d in the Cradle of the Deep

J. P. Knight




Dark the Day of Lovers Parting: Lurline’s Song / Nymphs of the Rhine

H. Eckhardt (Leader of the Boston Museum)


Sold at Zogbaum’s, Savannah


The Rose of Tralee

Henry C. Watson


Cut from Frank Leslie’s Gazette of Fashion and the Beau Monde, pasted on the previous. Image. Also in Anne Johnson’s collection


The Brightest Eyes / Die schönsten Augen



German and English.


The Vocal Beauties of Flotow’s Opera Martha: How So Fair”



French and English. Sold at Zogbaum’s, Savannah


As I View These Scenes So Charming / Vi raviso o luoghi ameni: Air in the Celebrated Opera La Sonnambula



Italian and English. Cavatina and cabaletta


Jenny Lind Music: We Must Now Part



French and English. Purchased at Baugham’s in Montgomery, AL


All Bright as Peri’s Smile (Come Poteva un Angelo) … I Lombardi



Italian and English


Spirit of Light (Spirto gentil) … La Favorita

Donizetti; arr. J. R. Fry


Italian and English


The Vocal Beauties of Le Pardon de Ploërmel / Comic Opera (No. 1, My Madness Now Forsaking)



French and English


The Vocal Beauties of Le Pardon de Ploërmel / Comic Opera (No. 7, Sleep, Darling Sleep)



French and English


The Vocal Beauties of Il Trovatore (No. 13, Home, to Our Mountains, Gipsy Duet, Si la stanchezza)

Verdi; arr. Charles Glover and William Dressler


Italian and English


Our Faith Then Fondly Plighting (O luce de quest’ anima)

Donizetti; arr. Clare W. Beames


Italian and English. Cavatina and cabeletta


Beauties of Don Giovanni (La ci darem la mano!)



Italian and English. Sold at Zogbaum’s, Savannah


Una notte d’amore “A Night of Love”: Duettino Sentimentale

Luigi Arditi


Italian and English. Dedicated to Mrs. Firginia Jones and Miss Constanza Warwick. Sung by Madame Marietta Alboni and Sig. Antonio Sangiovanni; and Madame Rose DeVries and Signora Vietti


Vocal Duets by Celebrated Composers (Moonlight, Music, Love, & Flowers)

John Barnett




Light May the Boat Row / 5th Edition / A Duet

J. B. Phillips; arr. J. Watson


Sold at Zogbaum’s, Savannah


Bouquet de Melodies, Op. 42 (No. 1, Lucia di Lammermoor)

Ferd. Beyer


“Miss Eve”


Bouquet de Melodies, Op. 42 (No. 3, Norma)

Ferd. Beyer


“Eva Eve.” Missing pages


Bouquet de Melodies, Op. 42 (No. 13, I Puritani)

Ferd. Beyer




Bouquet de Melodies, Op. 42 (No. 1, La fille du regiment)

Ferd. Beyer


“Miss Eve”