Excerpt from Longtimers Part Three-The Music Makers

The Music Makers is the third part of the three-part Longtimers series that features twentieth-century artists and musicians who lived and worked on the Monterey Peninsula.

Edited, produced and directed by Paul Boczkowski and Marie Wainscoat

© Copyright-Paul Boczkowski and Marie Wainscoat 1998

Production funding was provided by a grant from: Barnet J. Segal Charitable Trust
Additional funding provided by AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am and The Dunspaugh-Dalton Foundation

Dottie Dodgion Quartet Live at the Casa Munras Hotel
Opening instrumental: “There Will Never Be Another You” (Harry Warren and Mack Gordon, 1942)

Dottie Dodgion, drums
Jackie Coon, flugelhorn
Eddie Erickson, guitar
Bryan McConnell, bass

Produced by Brian Gingrich, Yasahiko Fhimazaki
Edited and directed by William C. Roden

Dottie Dodgion vocal segment: “Time Heals Everything” (music and lyrics by Jerry Herman, 1974)

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