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Spirituals and the Birth of a Black Entertainment Industry

by Sandra Jean Graham

Web Table 4.4. Biographical Dictionary of Jubilee Concert Troupes

This list is an attempt to show the pervasiveness of jubilee troupes in the last quarter of the nineteenth century and to provide brief profiles. For the most part, I include only those troupes that were organized before 1900 and that sang spirituals in concert, even if their entertainments were supplemented with comic business and modern songs; occasionally I include troupes that began in the twentieth century close to 1900 but offer citations only rather than biographical essays. Jubilee minstrel troupes are not included unless to identify them as such when it isn't obvious. References to secondary literature can be found in the book's bibliography. It is hoped that this compilation will spur further research on the many important jubilee troupes that were active in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, as well as introduce readers to the many flourishing jubileers who have been long overlooked.
     I have quoted names of performers exactly as given in the original source, which is why there may be spelling inconsistencies.

Aetna Jubilee Singers, 1893–94

Alabama Jubilee Singers, 1876–1940s

Allen Jubilee Singers, 1895?–1898?

American Jubilee Singers, also known as Colored American Jubilee Singers or Afro-American Jubilee Singers; see Alabama Jubilee Singers for 1895–1897

Arlington Jubilee Singers, 1876

Atlanta University Quartet, late 1880s–late 1890s?

Athens Jubilee Singers, 1892

Blind Jubilee Singers, 1878

Boston Ideal Colored Troubadours and Jubilee Singers, 1880s. See book chapter 8.

Brockway Jubilee Singers, 1902–1909?

Camp Nelson Jubilee Singers, 1897-1901

Canadian Jubilee Singers, 1879–1907?

Carolina Singers, 1873?–? see also South Carolina Jubilee Singers

Centennial Jubilee Singers, 1875–1896?

Centennialites, 1876

Charleston Jubilee Serenaders, 1879

Charleston Jubilee Singers, 1897–1899?

Claflin University Jubilee Singers, 1897–1912

Coleman's Louisiana Jubilee Singers. See Louisiana Jubilee Singers (Coleman)

Crescent City Jubilee Singers, 1878?–1883?

Donavin's Tennesseans, 1873–1884.

Duncan's Old Dominion Slave Troupe. See Old Dominion Slave Troupe

Eastern Star Jubilee Singers, 1889?–1895?

Excelsior Jubilee Singers, 1885

Fisk Jubilee Singers (White), 1879–1882

Fisk Jubilee Singers (Loudin), 1882–1903

Fisk Jubilee Singers (Mumford), 1882–19––?

Fisk Jubilee Singers (Jennie Jackson DeHart), 1890–1892?

Fisk Jubilee Singers (other), 1890s and beyond

Fisk University Jubilee Singers (original), 1871–1878. See book chapters 2-4.

Freedmen from the First Baptist Church, Richmond, VA, 1873

Gatewood's Jubilee Singers. See Centennial Jubilee Singers

Georgia Jubilee Singers (Slavin), 1876–190-?

Georgia Slave Troupe, 1879

Georgie Allen's Colored Jubilee Singers. See book chapter 9.

Giant Jubilee Singers, 1891-1904

Glazier's Jubilee Singers, also known as Glazier's Carolinians, 1883–1885; ca. 1892–1918, 1934

Great Sable Quartet / Slave Troupe, 1877

Hampton Students, 1873-1875 (quartets/quintets thereafter)

Harper's Ferry Jubilee Singers. See Centennial Jubilee Singers

Hartford Jubilee Singers. See Sheppard's (Colored) Jubilee Singers

Hector Jubilee Singers, 1890

Hickox Jubilee Colored Singers

Home Jubilee Singers, 1879

Hopkins Colored Troubadours, 1880–1885?

Hyers Sisters, 1873-1890s

Ideal Colored Company/Troubadours, 1880–ca. 1885

Indianians, 1880

Jackson Jubilee Singers, 1874

Jenkins Orphanage Jubilee Singers, 1901–1930s

Jinglers, 1888–1892?

Jubilee Singers of Eckstein-Norton University, 1892

Jordan Jubilee Singers, 1889

Jubilee Singers of Virginia, 1874–1877?

Jubilee Songsters of Bethlehem, 1893–1895?

Jubilee Songsters of West Chester, PA, 1895

Jubilee Sons of David, 1895–1896

Juvenile Jubilee Singers

Kentucky Jubilee Singers, ca. 1877–1890s?

Lamden Jubilee Singers

Lew Johnson Tennessee Jubilee Singers. See Tennessee Jubilee Singers (Lew Johnson)

London Jubilee Singers

Louisiana Choristers. See Louisiana Jubilee Singers (Smith)

Louisiana Jubilee Singers (Coleman), 1877–1878?

Louisiana Jubilee Singers (Smith), 1877?–1878?, also known as Louisiana Choristers

Louisiana Jubilee Singers (various)

Louisiana University Jubilee Singers. See University Singers of New Orleans

Maggie Porter's Original Jubilee Singers. See Fisk Jubilee Singers (Mumford)

Magnolia Jubilee Singers, 1880–1896

Maryland Jubilee Singers, 1877–1889?

Mason's Jubilee Company, early 1900s

Memphis University Students, 1880s

Midland Jubilee Singers, 1904–1932

Morton's Jubilee Singers, 1887–1888?

Nalle Jubilee Singers, 1915

Nashville Jubilee Singers, 1875

Nashville Students (Thearle), 1880s–ca. 1892)

Nashville Students (Wright), 1888–early 1900s

National Jubilee Singers, 1874

National Sable Quintet of Jubilee Singers. See Virginia Choristers

New Orleans Jubilee Singers, 1873–1877

New Orleans (University) Jubilee Singers. See University Singers of New Orleans

Norfolk Jubilee Singers, 1880s

North Carolina Jubilee Singers, 1870s. See North Carolinians

North Carolinians, 1874–1877

North Carolina Jubilee Singers, 1893–1930s

O'Banyon Jubilee Singers, 1890s

Old Dominion Slave Troupe, 1876–1879?

Old Original North Carolinians. See North Carolinians

Old South Carolina Jubilee Singers, 1880s–1890s

Olympian Colored Male Quartette, 1880s

Orpheus McAdoo's Jubilee Singers. See Virginia Jubilee Singers (Orpheus McAdoo)

Pennsylvania Jubilee Singers, 1903

Perkins' Virginia and Texas (Consolidated) Jubilee Singers. See Virginia and Texas Jubilee Singers (C. H. Perkins)

Ponce de Leon Quartette, 1890s

Richmond Jubilee Singers, 1876, 1890s

Rossville Jubilee Singers. See Zion Jubilee Singers

Sable Quintette. See Virginia Choristers

Savannah Jubilee Singers, 1881–1884

Shaw Jubilee Singers, 1873–1874

Sheppard's (Colored) Jubilee Singers, 1874–1883?

Shiloh Jubilee Singers, 1891

Singleton's Jubilee Singers, 1885, 1890

Slavin's (Original) Georgia Jubilee Singers. See Georgia Jubilee Singers

Slayton's Jubilee Singers (1881–1885, reorganized 1891–1911)

Smith's Jubilee Singers, 1876

South Carolina Jubilee Singers, 1877–1900s, see also Carolina Jubilee Singers

Southern Jubilee Singers, 1876–1900s

Stewart-Wilberforce Concert Co., 1881–1890, also known as Stewart Grand Concert Co.

Temperance Jubilee Singers

Tennesseans. See Donavin's Tennesseans

Tennessee Jubilee Singers (Lew Johnson), 1876–1884

Tennessee Jubilee Singers (with Sissieretta Jones), 1888–1891

Tennessee Jubilee Singers (various)

Tennessee Warblers (Pugsley Brothers), 1888–1897

Thomas and Tucker Jubilee Singers, (1899?–1900?)

Tuskegee Quartet, 1884–1940s

University Singers of New Orleans, 1876–1881, also known as Louisiana University Jubilee Singers; New Orleans Jubilee Singers; New Orleans University Singers

Utica Jubilee Singers, 1903–1930s

Virginia and Texas Jubilee Singers (C. H. Perkins), 1883?–1895?

Virginia Choristers, 1876–1878, also known as (National) Sable Quintet

Virginia Jubilee Singers (Orpheus McAdoo), 1889–1897

Virginia Jubilee Singers (various), 1876–1900

Wayland Seminary Jubilee Singers, 1874–1880s

Western Star Jubilee Singers, 1901–1903?

West Tennessee Colored Jubilee Singers

Whitman's Colored Jubilee Singers / Whitman Sisters Jubilee Singers, 1890s

Wilberforce Concert Company; see also Stewart-Wilberforce Concert Co.

Williams' Jubilee Singers, 1904–1930s

Wilmington Jubilee Singers, 1874–ca. 1880

Zion Jubilee Singers


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