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Spirituals and the Birth of a Black Entertainment Industry

by Sandra Jean Graham

Web Table 4.3. Spirituals, hymns, and parlor songs from which Donavin's Tennesseans selected their concert repertory, ca. end of 1875 (from undated program booklet, University of Alabama Libraries, Tuscaloosa)

Asterisk denotes non-spirituals; titles are reprinted exactly as they appear in the booklet.

1.         Hail us, ye Free.

2.         Sing Ye Jehovah Praise.*

3.         I've Been Redeemed.

4.         Come Along, Moses.

5.         Arise! Shine! Give God the Glory.

6.         We will Camp a Little While in the Wilderness.

7.         Wrestle, Jacob, Wrestle.

8.         There's Heavenly Land Up Yonder.

9.         Turn Back Pharaoh's Army.

10.       He Arose.

11.       What do you say, Seeker!

12.       Little Log Cabin in the Lane.*

13.       My Lord, What Mourning.

14.       Overtake the Army.

15.       We Will End this War.

16.       Go thon and Prophesy.

17.       Didn't Old Pharaoh Get Lost.

18.       Jonah and the Whale.

19.       Bright Sparkles in the Church-Yard.

20.       Behold the Light.

21.       Christian Religion is the Jubilee.

22.       This Old Time Religion.

23.       We Have a Mighty Shout in that Day.

24.       Gathering Home. Solo and Chorus.*

25.       Now, ain't Them Hard Trials.

26.       I'm so Glad My Home is Right Up Yonder.

27.       The Little Brown Church in the Vale.*

28.       Moonlight on the Lake. Quartette.*

29.       How Many You Got on Board.

30.       Just Give Me a Little Time to Pray.

31.       Rock Back.

32.       Opening Anthem—"Joy to the World."*

33.       Yonder Comes the King in his Chariot.

34.       Don't You Grieve after Me.

35.       Goin' to ride up in the Chariot.

36.       Jordan's River I'm Bound to Cross.

37.       The Angels Waiting at the Door.

38.       Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.

39.       Just Fix Your Feet for Traveling.

40.       I will be Carried Above.

41.       Goin' to have a Meetin' here to-night.

42.       Reign, Master Jesus, Reign.

43.       I ain't got Weary yet.

44.       Nobody Knows the Trouble I See.

45.       Hail! The Army! Hail!

46.       Did You Ever Hear Tell of Such a Man?

47.       Some for Paul, and Some for Silas.

48.       Oh, Wretched man that I am.

49.       Keep Me from Sinking Down.

50.       Steal Away to Jesus.

51.       I, John, Saw.

52.       Where Shall I Go to Ease My Burdened Mind?

53.       Sanctify Me, Massa Jesus.

54.       Oh, Redeemed!

55.       The Gospel Train.

56.       Room Enough.

57.       Judgment Day.

58.       Come Along to Jesus.

59.       Song and Chorus—Gently Down the Stream of Time.*

60.       King Jesus, by the Waters' Side.

61.       Oh, Rock my Soul in the Bosom of Abraham.

62.       View the Land. [also known as "Way over Jordan"]

63.       Hard Trials and Tribulations.

64.       Sittin' in the Golden Altar.

65.       Oh, No! I ain't Ashamed.

66.       It's a Mighty Wide River.

67.       I Cum for to Tell You how I Cum Along.

68.       Whar am He Born, King of the Jews.

69.       Swanne River.* [Stephen Foster's "Old Folks at Home"]

70.       Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah!*

71.       Roll, Jordan, Roll.

72.       Join the Band of Forty-four Thousand.

73.       Duet—What are the Wild Waves Saying?*

74.       Dry Bones in the Valley.

75.       Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho.

76.       Our Little Meeting is Bound to Break.

77.       Sun Rise.*

78.       My Old Cabin Home.*

79.       Poor Black Joe.* [Stephen Foster's "Old Black Joe"]

80.       Silent Sell.

81.       Crying Amen.

82.       The Old Ark is Moving.

83.       It's a Mighty Wide River.

84.       Musical Race.*

85.       If You Love God, Children, Walk Nea[r?]

86.       Just Look at the Mourning' Souls.

87.       Why, March On, You Shall Gain the Victory.

88.       Solo and Chorus—Far Away Where the Angels Dwell.*

89.       Rolling in My Jesus' Arms.

90.       It's a Mighty Rugged Road.

91.       I'se been Praying.

92.       Just a Little More Faith in Jesus.

93.       Away Over in Zion.

94.       I Seek My Lord in the Wilderness.

95.       Going Down to Jordan.

96.       Yonder Comes Jesus.

97.       We've Heard from John the Baptist.

98.       Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?

99.       Walk in the Light.

100.     Jest Keep Looking to the Word.

101.     Done Quit My Worldly Ways.

102.     Jest Prepare Me a Body.

103.     They Look Like Men of War.

104.     We Will Walk Through the Valley of Peace.

105.     Go Chain the Lion Down.

106.     O, My Little Soul's Gwine to Shine.

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